The Advantages of Smokeless Coal

While still sometimes seen as a poor substitute for traditional coal smokeless coal offers a wealth of advantages.
Let’s get a few misconceptions out of the way first. It may surprise some to learn that not all smokeless coal is manufactured. Anthracite is found naturally. This type of coal has a very high carbon content. So when it burns it produces very little smoke. For the homeowner, anthracite burns efficiently and produces a warm orange glow.


Manufactured smokeless fuels

Most manufactured smokeless coal is anthracite based. Manufactured coal is created using anthracite that has been ground down to dust this dust is then reformed into small briquettes. This process explains the hexagon shape of some smokeless coal pieces. The advantage of manufactured smokeless coal is its pure versatility. Manufactured coal is suitable to use in everything from multi-fuel stoves to open fires. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that smokeless coal shouldn’t be used in wood burners. Coal burns at a much higher temperature than wood, and therefore can damage a wood burner’s grate.


Environmental Advantage of Smokeless Coal

We can’t discuss the advantages of smokeless coal without touching on the reduced environmental impact. When compared to traditional coal, smokeless coal produces much less gas and carbon dioxide. In most towns and cities in Ireland, it is now illegal to burn traditional coal. This law was introduced to protect the air quality in urban areas.
Smokeless coal produces less than 5g of smoke per hour burning and releases 20% less carbon monoxide into the air. With all this in mind, smokeless coal is a much more environmentally responsibly solid fuel choice.


Burning Efficiency

Finally, one of the main advantages of smokeless coal is in how efficiently it burns. As a manufactured fuel, its composition was specially designed to burn correctly and to burn for longer. This longer burn time means a homeowner requires less coal when compared to traditional coal which allows for annual heating cost savings.

The above is just an introduction to the advantages of smokeless coal. But the real test is in burning. So, if want to place a smokeless coal order get in contact with Tallaght Fuel Centre today.


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